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01-08-2013, 07:49 PM
Just to see if anyone interested this year Winter/Ice driver training course at Ghost Lake (30mins from Calgary). I've done it last year and that was lots of fun, a few EVOs & Ralliarts shows up.

Introduction: What is Winter Driver Training?
SASC is now offering you a very valuable, yet inexpensive opportunity, to enroll in one such driver training course. Since this program is being put on by SASC, which is a registered, non profit society in Alberta, and a group of dedicated volunteers, the cost to attend is less than the cost for going out for a nice dinner. Our goal is to share some of the driving skills we have learned on the race track with the general public, thus making our everyday driving experience safer for all of us. Of course, we also want to have a lot of fun driving on ice!
This is the third year of SASC Winter/Ice Driver Training. Through the experience of conducting the schools in the past two years, we have implemented a number of improvements to enhance the course for the student. We now have a more experienced Instructor Team, and also different levels of the school for improved quality of learning. We are always working hard with you to improve.

Why do I need to take it?
Winter driving is the most difficult because of limited traction and difference in traction between road, snow and ice. This usually causes the vehicle to understeer or oversteer, and also cause the vehicle to react slowly as compared to driving during the summer months. Have you ever learn how to prevent these situations as they happen? If such situations happen, the driver only have a short time to react and do something about them. If the driver had never been trained properly, the brain will never react correctly to rectify the situation.

In the school you will try different exercises in order to learn how to manage the available grip, to correct bad habits and improve on your winter driving skills. This will help you to be aware of the dynamics driving on a slippery surface, decrease reaction time to situations that needs correcting, and to prevent accidents from occurring.
Research show 80% accident can be avoidable if you have 1 more second to react.

Where can I attend it?
We are, once again, doing our driver training on Ghost Lake this year. This time of the year, Ghost Lake is a giant sheet of ice like a large hockey rink that is free of dangerous things that you can find on the street like curbs and poles. This makes it a perfect venue for learning how to drive your own vehicle in winter conditions. Best of all, it is only 30 minutes away from Calgary. On the way back to the city, you can even stop by to enjoy some ice cream in Cochrane!

Who are the instructors
Our team of instructors comprises national autocross champions, Formula & high performance driving instructors, Time attack competitors, touring car, and Rally drivers. They all have the same passion in driving and in different disciplines of motorsport. These volunteers would love to pass their experience and skills onto you.

What will I learn?
In Level 1
-The basics like driving position, habits, attitude
- How far to look ahead (2, 3, 4, 5 second ahead?)
-Vehicle dynamic control (why is the car sliding?)
-Braking with ABS or without ABS (how long does it take to stop the car?)
- Accident avoidance (if the car can’t stop in time then what do you do?)
-Skid control (what to do when your car understeers and oversteers)
-After losing control, what do you do?

School Schedule

•Instructor School: Sunday Jan 13, 2013
•SASC School 1: Sunday Jan 27, 2013 (Sold Out)
•SASC School 2: Sunday Feb 10, 2013 (Sold Out)
•SASC School 3: Sunday Feb 24, 2013 (Sold Out)
•SASC School 4: Saturday Mar 2, 2013
•SASC School 5: Sunday Mar 17, 2013

Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

How much does it cost?
$70 and you have more than 3 hours of seat time for driver training on ice.

The schools have benefited more than 300 drivers in the past. Here are what some past students have said:
“My son and I had lots of fun last Saturday. I found your school very useful. Would you mind to add my e-mail to your mailing list? I would like to be informed when you have next driving class.”

“ I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day, I feel so much more confident in my winter driving skills. I also want to send a big thank you out to the driving instructors, they are amazing.”

“I never got a chance to thank you today but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed myself, and I believe I learned a few things about vehicle control - or more importantly, what not to do! It was a great opportunity to experiment with the limits of a vehicle in a safe environment. Like I said earlier today, I plan on doing it all again next Saturday!
Thanks again!”

Ready to take the course?
Register online at: https://www.karelo.com/enter_res.php?&BID=334#Ev12795
Spots are limited! Last year, our schools sold out early, so act fast!

Special Thanks to Spec R Motorsports (Wheels and Tires Service) for its continued support of this program.

Go to http://www.pbase.com/locotoy/winter_driving_school for photos of last year classes .