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06-05-2010, 07:41 PM
Summer is here and it's time to get things going with the Ralliart. I am preparing everything for the AMS Track day on July 10th.


Today I started out with the installation of the AMS Ralliart braided brake line kit and Motul RBF 600 fluid. Installation is pretty easy as there is nothing tricky about the Ralliarts brake lines. Tools needed are 21mm wheel socket, 10mm line wrench, 14 mm wrench, 8mm wrench, and a pair of vice grips or pliers for the brake hose end clips.

Here are some pics of the new lines installed. Don't you love what salty northern winters do to our cars?


Here is what the old lines look like.

I was never a believer in stainless brake lines but I was quite surprised in the improvement in firmness in the initial tap of the brake pedal. You can definitely tell a difference. The Motul can withstand some serious temperatures before boiling. Now I just have to figure out what pads to try first.

I also installed an AMS street durometer front motor mount insert. Installation is very easy and can be done without even taking the undertray off. You can purchase the pre-pressed mounts to avoid having to do this on your own...


Our shop hand Dave Zern came over today and did a nice exterior detail and buff job on the car and I debadged the rear trunk.


My wheels (Bronze Tenzo Tracers in 18x8.5 42 offset) will be here early this week and I'm going to order some 245/40/18s once I figure out what tire I want to run. I am still up in the air about springs or coilovers, but once I make the decision and get it all installed, I will get Rich to take some sweet pics to post up.

If anyone is interested in any AMS upgrades for their Ralliart or joining us July 10th at our track day, visit http://www.amsperformance.com

06-05-2010, 08:06 PM
Good stuff. Definitely subscribing for further info on brake pads. Also, what improvements are gained from the AMS street durometer front motor mount insert?

06-05-2010, 08:21 PM
The main reason for installing it was to see if it would get rid of my drivetrain thump when taking off from a light. I haven't had enough time with it in to see if it has helped or not.

06-10-2010, 07:54 PM
New toys to show the boys!!

The first production AMS cast end tank Ralliart FMIC and black UICP. This thing is super sweet! The fitment is freakin amazing. You don't even have to bend the tab for the ambient air temp sensor out of the way! Not to mention it's pretty incognito, something you Cali guys will for sure love!

Compared to the stock fmic

AMS Fmic mounted.
http://amsperformance.com/amsperformanceimages/10/AMS_Performance_Mitsubishi_Ralliart_Front_Mount_In tercooler_800x533%20%281%29.jpg

Clears the temp sensor bracket!


06-10-2010, 07:55 PM
Bumper cover on, very sleeper looking
http://amsperformance.com/amsperformanceimages/10/AMS_Performance_Mitsubishi_Ralliart_Front_Mount_In tercooler2_800x533.jpg

My wheels arrived! I test fitted a 245/40 18 we had laying around and took a few quick pics.

Tire mounted

Wheel and tire in front of the stock wheel for quick reference

Front Hawk HPS pads came in today and I ordered Eibach Pro-kit springs. I'll keep you guys updated as things progress.
Eric Jones

06-18-2010, 04:15 PM
18x8.5 et42 Tenzo R Tracers with 3/16" spacers, stock A10s stretched over them for a few weeks.

Stock Evo VIII springs, lowers the car just shy of an inch. Temporary until the Pro-Kits show up!


06-30-2010, 09:53 PM
AMS Twin tip exhaust with 4" round tips....

http://amsperformance.com/amsperformanceimages/10/AMS_Performance_Mitsubishi_Ralliart_Twin_Tip_Exhau st_01.jpg
http://amsperformance.com/amsperformanceimages/10/AMS_Performance_Mitsubishi_Ralliart_Twin_Tip_Exhau st_02.jpg
http://amsperformance.com/amsperformanceimages/10/AMS_Performance_Mitsubishi_Ralliart_Twin_Tip_Exhau st_03.jpg

07-01-2010, 03:48 PM
Looks good!

I noticed in the first pic that you had the camber bolts. Did you need to use them with the new wheels? How are the brakes with the new pads?

Track day should be fun with all your new toys.

07-01-2010, 11:02 PM
I have not installed the camber bolts yet.

The Hawk HP+ pads, AMS stainless braided line kit, and Motul 600 make the brakes feel vur niice!!

07-08-2010, 11:14 PM
Took a few pics of it all cleaned up today. Sorry for the iPhone quality.





07-08-2010, 11:44 PM
Looks really clean.

on a side note, I need to order the brake lines soon :)

07-09-2010, 12:11 AM
Took a few pics of it all cleaned up today. Sorry for the iPhone quality.


Hey Eric...just a question in regards to the FMIC...do u think the front bumper needs a cut out or something to promote more air going in or leaving the front bumper alone???

BTW...i used to live in mt. prospect...it's good to see Chi-Town boys reppin' in the tuner scene...big up to you guys!!!!:D

07-09-2010, 12:30 PM
looks very nice!

07-13-2010, 03:57 PM
:D omg..
Looks clean :D

08-25-2010, 08:24 PM
Been a while. Here's a YouTube video of it at Autobahn CC south course on stock tires and brakes. They were not happy after 3 laps that's for sure!


It now has 245/40/18" Hankook Ventus V12 Evo's and AMS/Wilwood front brake kit. I have yet to get it out on the track but needless to say, it's a massive improvement!

08-26-2010, 10:07 AM
NICE! I really like the camera setup.
My stock tires doesnt like me either... They're always squealing..lol.
Im putting myself on rev restriction under 3k rpm at all times.
I need these tires to last me another year.

Does anybody make e-brake (hydrolic) or rear brakes upgrade for Ralliart?
Just wondering..

08-26-2010, 11:17 AM

I would love to see some pics of how you setup your camera in car!

08-26-2010, 07:47 PM
It's actually just a gopro mounted to the rear window with the suction cup attachment. It recorded the video upside down and had to be flipped when transferred to the computer.

09-03-2010, 04:10 AM
damn nice! i like the wheels!

09-21-2010, 11:50 PM
A few quick shots of the wheel/tire fitment.


09-22-2010, 08:54 AM
Beautiful RA Eric, What do you do for AMS? too fast too curious.
I see you reuse the RA Stock LICP? Did that dent help with lagg?

PS: I see AMS Nissan GT-R ?Godzilla? or ?nogodzilla?

09-22-2010, 09:56 PM
I'm a technician and I handle driving most of the drag racing duties for our shop vehicles.

The stock LICP is getting replaced with a stock Evo X one as soon as I can find time, along with a stock Evo X turbo.

That is the white GT-R that was the first GT-R in the world to make a 9 sec drag pass.

09-23-2010, 12:15 AM
Do you think its possible to mount gsr tranny on the RA?
or clutch pedal with on/off switch to hack/overwrite control TC-SST ECU? Manual Control with pedal/Auto control with ECU TC-SST switch? We have many blank button on the dash & console.

09-23-2010, 05:16 AM
Sure it's possible. You would pretty much need a GSR donor car to make it cost effective though.