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Exclamation DRL Bypass w/ Relay Harness

Disclaimer: ***Any type of modification of your car's electrical system is dangerous and may result in personal injury and/or damage to your vehicle. When purchasing this product, you assume full responsibility and potential risks in running this DRL Bypass w/ Relay Harness.***

*Vehicle Compatibility:
2008-2010 Lancer including all models: DE, ES, GTS, RA, Evo X (ONLY non-SSS halogen headlights)
2007-2010 Outlander
2006-2007 Galant

*This DRL Bypass w/ Relay Harness is also 100% compatible with Stock OEM Lights (Only 9006 OEM Bulbs) . This means Aftermarket HID's are NOT required to utilize this DRL Bypass.

The DRL Bypass will simply eliminate the DRL's. Therefore, no flickering is present when running HID's. The DRL Bypass w/ Relay Harness is completely 100% Plug & Play and requires no splicing of the OEM wiring or messing with the fuse box; Thus saving you from any warranty issues and/or headaches. With the DRL Bypass properly installed, all lights will assume standard normal function:

Position 0 - All lights OFF, DRL's OFF
Position 1 - Parking Lights ON, DRL's OFF
Position 2 - Parking Lights ON, Low Beams ON

Here's a video demonstrating the function of the DRL Bypasses that I provide:
2008 2009 Lancer DRL Bypass

DRL Bypass w/ Relay Harness:

The DRL Bypass shown may vary slightly (i.e. 1 ground or 2 grounds). However, they will provide the same function.

I can assure you that you will be buying a DRL Bypass with a quality build as I am currently pursuing a career as an Electrical Engineer in NJIT.

For your convenience as the customer, I test each DRL Bypass individually before I ship them out to confirm its 100% working order.

*Price & Shipping:
All transactions are done via Ebay -

Local meetup price: $40
Shipping within the US: $45 shipped via USPS Priority Mail w/ Tracking & Confirmation
I will ship out your order the SAME day or the following day after. At your convenience, I will also include a Tracking Number whether shipped within US or to Canada (Rates may vary).

Void after 30 days from date of delivery.
Void if the DRL bypass is tampered in anyway. I will know, I made it.
Valid only for defected/faulty products.
If it’s been over 30 days, I can offer a repair service; Contact me for further info.

Installation Instructions: DRL Bypass Installation Steps

I personally have been running this setup DRL Bypass w/ Relay Harness since March 12, 2009, with no issues/problems. I've also sold over 300 sets across other Mitsubishi/Lancer forum boards.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest!

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