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Default Calling all local (SoCal) Ralliarts

I don't know how many of you are here, but I would like to find out how many from here are still active, even if you are just lurking.

With the Evo riding off to the sunset at the end of 2015, the RA will be the standard torch bearer of the Evo's legacy until a new one rolls out of Japan. It is my hope that more RA owners would be as active as Evo owners - after all, the Evo X and RA essentially share the same "heart", and the RA does ride on a redeployment of the previous Evo IX's drivetrain.

If we get enough responses here, we will host a get together of some sorts. Snacks and drinks will be provided depending on the number of RA's that come. The date is TBD at the moment and dependent on the people that show up.

Anyways, hope to meet some of you out there soon!
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