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A black 09-12 R/A w/Ralliart Windshield Banner came up beside me at a stoplight in Huntington, WV . They must have been low on gas cause they rolled out easy. There was a Apex Silver '12 R/A in a nearby parking garage. It had Moses Automall tags. When I got my '11 GG R/A (@ Moses Automall) I did the math and calculated I needed a finance rate better than 5% to beat the new 28700 @ 2.5% on a new 2012. I got 4.5%. When I was finalizing the deal a father/son duo was bringing cash for the car. I believe they came back for the silver one. The silver one in the garage had prom paraphilia, possibly a early grad gift, lucky bastard.
Current Performance: 1/8th Mile et 8.81 @ 81.7


[x] Evo X Intercooler, UICP, & LICP Installed
[x] Tinted Side Blinkers
[x] Deleted Rear Head Rests
[x] GST Base Map w/ Boost Pill
[x] Rattleproof Rear Deck


[ ] Lighten Crash Bars
[ ] Seal Fan Shroud
[ ] Wire Tuck Intake Wiring
[ ] Custom lower engine bay cover
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