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seeing as nobody else replied to you in over a month.

I feel like you are a troll. If you bought the car with a blown engine then take it to any shop in your area. Most shops should be able to rebuild and you will get a warranty and a new mechanic you can trust... (If you like their work)

Any trustworthy mechanic shop in town should have rebuilds available. If you need to look it up in the yellow pages or go driving around your town. I guarantee you will find a rebuilder shop somewhere.

If you are on a, "budget" no offense again but you shouldn't neglect a good car. A car is a complex mechanical machine with many many moving parts that need the PROPRER upkeep. UPKEEP is expensive. Cars dont run forever by themselves. Too many times i have seen seized engines from no oil amongst other things. Sounds like you got hosed big time buying this car. Sucks, Im sorry. Nothing is going to change the fact you need to spend ALOT more to get it running now.

If you are buying another used engine to "swap out yourself" I would not recommend you do that.

Cars are something that shouldn't be messed with unless you know exactly what you are doing.

My advice for you is to find a mechanic quickly, rebuild the engine and install a new turbo, do all new belts, timing and water pumps, install some performance parts if you want and baby the new engine. Enjoy your car for the next 10 years.

Or sell it now and walk away from the nightmare you bought.

The next car should NOT be bought without a proper mechanic overlook or getting a diagnostic run. Always check the oils and levels and the history of the car.

If its a mitsubishi you can guarantee its been driving very spirited.... if you buy rebuild or replace everything asap.
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