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Default Moore automotive

Sent them a message on EvoM because I want to try them out, oil change was 69.95 and TPMS reset was 80. Today I call to set an appointment and guess what? Oil change is 110.00 and they do not do TPMS, after I cancelled my appointment with the dealership these people just destroyed my plans for the day.
Billy the owner did pm back and he said they will honor the 65.95, wtf? They said 65.95 not me! I can just imagine this place turning into another jiffy lube, um sir your motor is blown you need a new motor.
Meh not a biggie, there's a lot of places out there. I was just hoping I could find my home shop, I guess I'll be sticking with CBRD.
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Ive heard nothing but great things about them. I havent gotten to go there myself as ive only hit the 5k mark on my car and did my own fluid changes. Did you ask if they planned on using the same oil? Maybe they were going to use higher grade oil?

My peeps at wal-mart which is one of the biggest in the region still arent trained in TPMS, and i have found a few other places that dont do TPMS so its not surprising. But it is a hassle i can understand.
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His name is Greg. Tell him NFSEclipseGT sent you. He should get a chuckle out of that. But seriously, I would take my car to him, if I were in your area.
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I've been taking my RA to them the past couple of times for things. They did a great job with installing my gauges, coilover springs and HFC... however the last time I took it there to get the car lowered back down and an alignment done, I wasn't too impressed.

The one advantage I give Mach V in Sterling over Moore Automotive is they know how to do coilover alignments very well. Mach V will get everything set as perfect as possible. If I want -1.8 camber in the back in -1.1 in the front, they will set it exactly to those numbers and equal toe in the front. Moore... not so much. Even with adjustable front and rear camber, they still didn't get everything dialed in right.

NFS, funny you mention Greg. I've known him for almost 4-5 years, he worked on my Eclipse GT a couple of times. He does a good job, knows Mitsu's very well. Would I take my car and have him tune it? Not so much because of the SST, I will only take it to reputable SST-friendly places like CBRD, but I'd trust Greg with everything else. However... I do know a guy with a 2008 GSR in Ashburn that had a bad experience with UCS, specifically with the work Greg did. Screwed up his suspension setup apparently, it's on EvoX forums I believe.

Finding a 100% perfect shop isn't always possible, unfortunately.
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Thanks NSF, my friend Seths evo was taken care of by Greg. Nothing but good things about the guy but he is very very expensive, him and agile both lol.
I have talked to my dealer and they will do 30.00 but I bring my own oil, going to buy a box of zrod now.
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You guys are right, I have herd alot of great things about both Moore and UCS. I feel your shop is like your doctor Find one you like stick with them and if there is a issue take it back to them .. Everyone has the right to redeem themselves. As far as the oil changes and maintenance, I cheat a little so I really dont have an opinion on that.
I do want to get my car tuned and Moore seems to be very reasonable, they have a guy in house, and I have not herd any issues with them yet. The SST does scare me though...
I ordered my battery today so I guyss I have to make a decision soon.
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