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Smile pdf required showing internals of hydraulic ACD pump ?

I was wondering if such a thing exists, a pdf/diagram that shows the internal parts of the ACD pump on a 2010 Sportback ?
The car has been on the diagnostics at the local dealer and they confirm the pump is the issue. No electrical problems but it is only operating intermittently and so needs an overhaul. Local dealer can't do this, only supply a new pump.
The request bit.
Does anyone have a link to a pdf/diagram etc that shows the internal parts of the pump so that I have an idea of what will need doing. It will be done by a garage/repair place, NOT myself, but I always like to know just what is being done. Basic internals are much the same as the X I believe.
I know that there is a 30 minute video but would really just like to print out a pdf.
Yes, from the UK.
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