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Default Anyone from Washington?

Hey guys. AMR Engineering is looking for a test car so they can product a nice set of coilovers for us. They are located in Seattle, Washington. I'm not affiliated with AMR, just a fan of their work. Check them out:

I'd really like to purchase a set of coils from them some day, but they need a local RA to step up.
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I was just in Seattle, but didn't have my RA. I really love the city though; I'm considering relocating.
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I live in the area and sent them a message, just waiting for the reply...
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im from hoquiam about 2 hours from seattle... with a 2010 RA are they still looking for someone?
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Default Hey Guy

I live in Fife, but work in Seattle atm. Do you guys do meets at all
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Most group meets for the seattle area are done through the NWEVO facebook group or pacific northwest section on the forum.
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