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Default SCCA Street Prepared

2011 really opened up some stuff. Back/forward dating of model is all over the place now. Turbos are stock but can swap all of the tubing and IC. BOV is not, but boost control hardware is allowed.

Brakes are wide open including lines, minus master cyl/bias stuff. Suspension is nearly open. Bolt on only style including sub frame work and bushings.

They have placed the Ralliart in odd classes, usually along with the EvoX, in anything above stock. It's about time they let us have the play to compete there.

I have to say though, if you can restrain form all the power mods, the Stock class is a hoot to drive and the RA is one hell of an untapped talent in the right hands.

SCCA 2011 Solo Rules

p71 - Stock Category (Referenced as a prerequisite in most cats.)
p91 - Street Prepared
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+1 RA kick ass in stock class.

Im no longer stock class with Evo X FMIC.
(I guess that depends on the rule specifics/details.)
Tech inspection usually doesnt know or care though.

Tires play major role in car behavior dodging cones.
Grippier tires faster you can go + Better brakes can make the car turn on a dime.
I dont know all the rules yet...

I remember running 50sec best in stock class but i ran for fun so points didnt mattered..
All I know is I beat the Shelby Cobra
(And Im a crappy driver, its the car not me)
idk the year but I know they're worth a small fortune now.

I remember running 50sec best & Shelby did 51sec best.
He had passenger so I call it even.

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If there was a like button for this I would click it a million times...
What the shnitz?
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