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Cool. thanks for the update.. Its a fairly common issue for the RAs.. And glad you got it worked out, airbags aren't something you wanna screw with.. Unless, you know what you're doing of course.
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Originally Posted by Markspd6 View Post
ok, just the super quick how to, skipping some of the obvious details. you cannot just swap your RA seats for Recaro seats Without setting off your airbag lights.. so, to shut the CEL off basically you will be combining your original seat computer AND seat weight sensors(lower bracket) with your new recaro seat and slider(upper bracket).

apparently theyre(the seat comp and sensors) are mated at the Mfgr... and supposedly the dealer cant just reprogram them(no confirmation on this)

step one: unplug battery(10or12mm) I prefer pulling the top part over battery post part.

step two: unbolt Passenger seat(14mm) lean back onto rear seat.

step three: unplug airbag, seat sensors, Passenger seat only!

step four: On Both Seats, (RA and new Evo) you will seperate the bracket from the slider, its four nuts each side front and back(12MM) you will be keeping your original lower bracket and using the new upper bracket(slider) from the new Recaro youre installing. pretty much thats it...

to reinstall reverse the basic steps, then plug the battery back in..

i tried just swapping the smaller computer brain by itself, but that did Not reset my CEL.. i also tried swapping the seat base entirely(using Torx bits) and theres a few compatibility issues, so you can skip both those... any questions let me know, and ill try for more pix, but really its a fairly basic operation, most any member should be able to do.. just hadnt seen it posted..

Thanks Mark for the excellent write up. I got my hands on a 2015 MR Full leather interior and followed your instructions, the swap is easy, a little time consuming doing the passenger side but over all easy. My new interior Looks great, Adios Cheap Velour seats!!!
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