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Default Adding a third dome light on sunroof-equipped Evo X/Lancer

I've been meaning to post this for a while now. My daily has the sunroof option, which probably not a lot of Evo X's have (unless you got that option).

Anyway, it bugged me to no end that Mitsubishi did not add a dome light over the rear seats if you had the sunroof option. Even after adding bright LEDs in the front map/domes, there is just no light reaching the rear seats, especially the floor area.

So what I did was add an LED board over the rear floor area. I patched it with the passenger map/dome light so that I can manually turn the lights on the passenger side and the rear seats by using the stock switch. And it also comes on and turns off along with the stock lights whenever you open/close any of the doors.

Below is the rather simple patchwork I did for the passenger dome. The entire process is completely reversible as well.

A - junction where the additional LED light and the LED installed in the passenger dome are patched together.

B - LED adapter that connects to the stock bulb socket

C - wire that belongs to the LED that resides in the passenger dome location

D - wire that is run inside the headliner and around the sunroof trim

After you patch the wires, you run enough wire to go through the headliner, and stuff it inside and around the sunroof trim (you just pull off bit by bit and run the wire inside). yo do this until you get it where you want. in my case, in the middle above the center console:

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When finished, the rear and passenger domes sync when you turn on the passenger dome.

And all 3 work when you open/close any door in the car.

Thanks for looking
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