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Default Need some info for SST, looking to upgrade

Hey Guys,
So let me start off by stating my intentions:
I'm planning on taking some HPDE classes, and then track events. BUT before I jump headlong into that (if I do something its either all the way or not at all ;p), I want to reinforce this $8-10K piece of cutting edge technology (the tranny silly!).
Last month I drained and replaced all 8 liters using SSP Gold, and spliced in an inline tranny filter (FYI for those considering this, tighten that sh!t down; the stock hosing is not tight enough to prevent leaks, even with 3 zip ties around each nipple. Ended up having to cold weld to seal the hoses, and ran to Mitsu dealer for more fluid. I guesstimated at ~.7 liters lost total over 3 days of trying to fix the problem, and ended up putting 1.0 liters in to be safe). I also have a Mishimoto tranny cooler that I picked up a couple months ago.
Here is my plan:
Re-drain the fluid, and set up the second cooler running off the first, probably on the crash bumper as seen by others. My Question is in regards to the SSP Kit I was looking at. They include a 2.5gph pump with their ungraded cooler. Doesn't the tranny already have a pump moving the fluid around? Is there any reason that I would NEED to run an additional pump on my set-up (if so its not a big deal, I've already sourced them for ~$40 on amazon, more of an inconvenience), or is that simply for ADDITIONAL cooling by moving the fluid out of the tranny faster (thereby reducing heat soak in the liquid?).
I have 2 ideas for setting this up:
The first is on the crash beam. Retain the stock hose running from the now empty stock filter to the stock cooler (that is where I've spliced in my filter, as per SSP's instruction to filter BEFORE the cooler). Then run hose to my Mishimoto cooler, and back to the tranny (seems rather basic)
The second idea is IF I were to need a pump, maybe it would be easier to run the cooler under the tranny next to the 3 drain holes. Use 2 of them as in/out for the Mishimoto cooler; this short distance would reduce the necessity to need a pump, due to the lack of distance the flid is being moved (mere inches instead of 4-5 ft)
Crap, this turned out the be more than I intended to write
Thanks for ideas/input
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