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Default Camshaft Position Sensor Help

So i got a code reading Camshaft Position sensor b. My question is could this be a different problem our should i am i good to just order the Sensor and replace it. I got 57k on the car. Kn air filter, 3 port boost solinoid, catback exhaust, and cobb v3 running stage 2. I guess my main question is has anybody had this sensor go bad and was it more than what it seam?
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do you remember exactly what code it was?

i recently had a code pop for either crank or camshaft position sensor as well and researched it, found out we got a recall for popping codes when not necessary. I only had it once, reset the code and it never came back on and its been about 5000 miles since.

edit: found a link to it.
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Pretty sure. They sell something to keep those from melting or overheating..
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Thanks. i don't remember the exact code but I will write it down next time it comes up. But yes it was camshaft sensor b. the exhaust one.. exact same thing everybody in the link is talking about. I think the sensor overheats. came on twice now mid day about 90deg after being driven and sitting in my car parking lot for 15 mins then restart. both came on at exact same time of day same place and about the same temp. never threw the code till we started hitting 90 degree days.

Well shit I don't want to deal with a code forever.. i will try just replacing the sensor.

and markspd6 can u find me a link on what your talking about

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