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Default tuning instructions

Who can help help me with this?I can't seem to find any step by step instructions on tuning for dummies,4 years ago I downloaded and installed the gst tune for my 2011 ralliart using the open ecu with lots of help from club ralliart guiding me through,now back then the open ecu had a list of numbers that I had to bring over the definitions for the car and drop in,now the updated open ecu when you go into it and access rommadata/mitsubishi/evo has the definition numbers already there...bottom line does the tune now include those definitions or in the open ecu,I want to go from 93oct to 91,also can it be just changed or should you revert back to the stock tune first?It would be great if there was a thread that helped .
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go to - and download the definitions for your specific car.
copy the downloaded file to
C:\Program Files\OpenECU\EcuFlashBeta\rommetadata\mitsubishi\ evo

then open ecuflash with tactrix connected and car on 2nd click. Ecu tab- Read ecu
-that will read the tune thats currently on the car. u can click file save as to save that

then file open- locate the new you want to load. and under ecu tab - write to ecu

you dont need to revert to stock tune you can flash straight to the tune you want.
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I'm getting no interface when connected and can't figure out why,cable shows power the lights are on,fresh open ecu download for windows 8,downloaded the definitions and brought them over,downloaded the gst 91 oct and nothing,the open ecu off the tactrix site seems different when you go in thrrough rommetdata to the evo folder its set up different,if you scroll down where the definitions should go it has a list of numbers for 2011 ralliart that match the definition numbers from the site,I also did try the open ecu off the site and put the defintions in the 91 oct was there I'm just getting no interface.
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