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Old 05-03-2014, 09:35 AM
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Default Nice customer service JDM ENGINE DEPOT INC

Buying parts from JDM ENGINE DEPOT INC. Check what was happening in our case... ( Ebay member jdmenginedep0t )

1. October 25th 2013 We bought a used JDM engine + gearbox via Ebay for 1549USD with FREE SHIPPING. The seller, however, sent us an invoice for 356.77USD for the freight.
This we did not accept since the shipping was supposed to be free (pic of ebay auction in below).

2. We then agreed with the seller to change the engine to a cheaper one, one that had a manual gearbox.

3. The seller wanted to send the invoice through PayPal, but we said that we will accept only a normal Ebay/Paypal transaction. Even so, the seller sent the invoice directly as a PayPal invoice (not through ebay), which we ended up paying. Afterwards we can of course see that doing this was a mistake from our part.
(Seller: Ok, are you planning to pay for it through PayPal?)
(Buyer: I would like just change the Item to the correct one (370922106070) and payment just like normal eBay / PayPal transaction.)

4. The engine+gearbox soon arrived to Florida from where it was shipped by sea to Finland, Europe.

5. When it arrived in Finland it looked very good on the outside, but when we began to take the engine apart we found out that the internals were completely destroyed. One rod had snapped and one piston was broken into small pieces. Bits of metal everywhere..

Nice engine

6. We notified the seller about this on 12th February 2014 to which they replied "What? What exactly is broken? Pics please."

7. We sent the requested pictures of the engine to the seller, but received no reply. We sent several queries by e-mail during 12th-23rd Feb, no reply to any emails.

8. On 1st March 2014 We contacted the seller by phone and they again asked for the pictures, because they had not received them. So, once again we sent them the pictures.

9. On 3rd April 2014 the seller sent a reply wondering about the engine damage after looking at the pictures, asking "does the engine even rotate?" (What a question??)

10. On 5th March 2014 we responded to the seller and summarized the damage according to what we had concluded. Since then we have heard nothing.
Mr Will is difficult to get hold of... he is not available when calling, we left a message with his colleague asking Mr Will to reply to the numerous emails regarding this issue. But no, still nothing.

11. On their website they describe themselves like this...
About Us
*Nothing is more important to us than our customer satisfaction. We strive to Provide exceptional, quality JDM products, as well as exceptional customer service.*
In our case, none of the above has been achieved.

12. In this case, in our opinion, they cannot refer to the warranty period being exceeded, because the engine was broken already when it left them.

13. We have actually not asked for a refund, or even insisted for a replacement engine. We just want to negotiate with the seller and find a solution that makes sense for both parties.
The money involved in this deal is not that much, we would for example be ok with a deal where we get another engine including shipping to Florida for half the price.

14.We would like to solve this case with the seller, but it seems that the seller is not interested at all because they do not answer to phone or emails...

15. We have saved all correspondence with the seller and the photos of the destroyed engine.
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Old 06-18-2017, 10:43 AM
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That is really interesting i think
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Old 08-28-2017, 12:51 AM
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Yes, good to know about that!
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