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Default Dallas area RalliArts

Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Aaron and I've lived here all my life. I know there are plenty of Ralli's in my area, just thought I'd see if any where on here.

I have a weekly meet in my town that'd I'd love for any of you guys to attend if you had the chance, I'll be making another thread for that probably.

Anyways, introduce yourselves, I'd love to get to know you guys and maybe set something up for this area to meet up/cruise every once and a while?

JoTech Tuned GG 09 Ralliart

Lots of mods, more to come.
First tune - 297hp/326tq on Mustang.
Second tune w/ ported and new performance mods: ?
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My name is Andrew and im in the dallas area. I see RAs pretty often near where im at. Would like to see how many of them are members of this forum. Would really like to meet some fellow RA owners. Also have a tactrix on the way if anybody in the area is interested in meeting up.
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i bought my ralliart in the Dallas area lol. Only place i could get it for the price i searched for, was originally looking for used ones till i found a new one in Dallas for cheaper than anyone was selling theirs used.
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Honestly, the day went car shopping, i had my mind set on a WRX. I happened to pass by the local Mitsu and notice the RAs outside. I drove it for less than five minutes and knew thats the car i wanted. I have always liked Subaru, but i enjoy my RA more. Im very happy with my choice!
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