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Originally Posted by iralli_iskustvo View Post
Try to get a new one. If that 09 was selling for $10-11k than maybe.
10-11K for a Ralliart? Not gonna happen dude, at least not a good one.
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Yeah, something is wrong with that one. Even grab the P codes from the OBD2 port if u wanna really know whats going on.
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I wouldnt even bother with it. You have 1 year or 2k miles left on the warranty. And since our cars has a 10k tranny in it and you dont know whats wrong with it or if the proper service has been done to it. check for more in your area. I saw a blue ralliart near me for 21500 with only 12k miles and was a 2011 plus the 2010+ years get the color screen which is nice
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