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Default CMS intercooler

So I'm trying to get an idea of what's been done to the 2010 R/A I just picked up, and she's got a CMS intercooler and upper/lower piping on her.

I looked up the company, and they are no longer in business, so I was wondering if anyone here could tell me a bit about this setup. Is it decent? Is it crap? Is it radioactive?

Thanks in advance!
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apparently no one on this forum is in the mood to help anymore.
Raced an MR through Cleveland. Our acceleration was neck and neck every single time. My stock Ralliart was keeping up with him. So I assumed his car was also a Ralliart. We ended our run coincedently at the same exit where I clearly saw the MR badge and Evo haunches. We exchanged pleasantries on the fun and at times stupid run. He asked me if I was in an EVO, I said no. He asked if it was stock, I said yes. He was pissed! Yelling, "Why did I pay sticker for this damn MR then?"
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Not familiar with that brand but as long as it uses a good core, you should be fine.
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