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Default Car sounds on while it's off?

So wired crazy question, but I'd like to see if any one can shead some light on this. When I turn my car on and go somewhere and stop put in park lift the hand break up turn the car off some times it sounds like it's still on I haven't timed it how long it does that for but it does it and then it'll shut off. I know wired question but it happen. Should I take it to someone to have a look at it or not worry about it it doest happen everytime I go somewhere I feel like it happens more when I have the a/c on and for get to turn it off.
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when you turn the ralliart off (take the key out) the engine stays running for 1 or 2 seconds then shuts off. this is normal IF its what you are talking about
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Also if you drive your car briskly then turn it off without having a cool down period. The thermostatically controlled fans kick in even after you have taken the keys out of the ignition and walked away. They will keep going until the temperature at the thermal sensor under the hood drops below the predetermined value.

My buddy said that's cool that your car comes with a factory turbo timer. Call it what you want but your right it does sound like the car is still running with those fans blasting away under the hood.
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^+1 Mine does this when it is hot. Its just fans to keep it cool.
Sometimes it can be up to a few minutes.
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I have yet for mine to get so hot that the fans still run after the ignition is turned off.
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Mine did this one time too. Kind of worried me at first haha. Only thing is that its not really like a turbo timer keeping the car on to cool the oil in the lines it just cools the engine down. This is what I took from another thread. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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Cars have had electric fans for a while now. Our cars just get HOT under the hood.
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my car has yet to do that, but also makes me kinda ask, is it worth getting a turbo timer for the RA?
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^IMO thats just preference.

If you run your car at 6k-redline rpm dont shut down your car right away & save yourself the money you would spend on TT on something else like more cooling. Let it idle for about 10-20mins to let it go back to normal operation temperature.

20-30min was the longest time my fan stayed on, It was 93 degree very hot & humid day.
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the only time this happened on my car was one day when it rained.....

houston weather makes no sense
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